Bubble Eye Goldfish Black

Bubble Eye Goldfish Black

The low-maintenance apartment-friendly pet just got even easier to care for. These hand painted bubble eye goldfish are just as realistic and goggly as the real deal, but you don’t have to fret about remembering to feed them or changing the tank water. Perfect for the forgetful and sometimes neglectful animal lover.


Dirty fish tank?

The jelly wax used to replicate the water in this candle can become foggy in appearance if exposed to a sudden temperature drop. Fear not, it will be back to normal when the temperature rises again. If you’re feeling impatient you can always try soaking it in warm water (but not too hot), or using a hair dryer to gently heat it. Alternatively you can give it a nice big cuddle and see if playing at big spoon/little spoon makes any difference. And who said fish weren’t cuddly?


Finer details:

Height: 6.5cm

Weight: 385g

Scent: Red currants + orange + vanilla


Take your pick:





Tips and tricks (or sensible safety advice):

  • Trim the wick to just under a centimetre. When it comes to candle burning a short fuse is a plus, just try not to adopt this trait in other areas of your life.
  • Place the candle in a sturdy container to collect dripping wax. Like your mother always said, there’s no point crying over spilt wax. Right?!
  • Do not place the candle on any unstable objects. Jenga towers are not suitable candle holders, neither are wobbly tables or three legged dogs.
  • Remove all flammable objects from around the candle before lighting the wick.
  • Keep an eye on your candle. Now wouldn’t be a good time to leave the house for an impromptu  walk or to head off on vacation.