From initial concept to finished product, there are hours of work that go into each Eye Candle Studio design and the entire process is done by hand.


All new concepts are developed by our brand founders and brothers, Kevin and Yuan. This artistic duo hand draw each new design before bringing them to life in clay. The clay models are then used to create silicone moulds that will shape our wax candles.


The candles are made using 100% pure paraffin wax, blended essential oils and cotton fibre wicks. Paraffin wax is chosen due to its high melting point, and we use pure paraffin to ensure a premium product that is free of any nasty chemicals or additives.


A small team of specially trained artisans at the Eye Candle Studio boutique workshop then hand paint each candle, adding layer upon layer of colour to create life-like masterpieces that are easily mistaken for real animals.